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Latent Fingerprint Deluxe Kit

Basic latent fingerprint processing with black fingerprint powders is a fundamental part of nearly every criminal investigation. The use of standard black powder and magnetic black powder allows for the processing of multiple surface types. The large 8 oz. jar of powder provides weeks of high volume use. QuickLIFT Hinge Lifters are included for the recovery of developed latent fingerprint impressions. A flashlight and illuminated magnifier are provided to verify minute details. The Latent Fingerprint Deluxe Kit is contained inside of a durable waterproof and crushproof equipment case to provide protection for your components during high volume use. Available with either a Yellow or Black case.

1 - Fiberglass Fingerprint Brush
1 - Feather Fingerprint Brush
1 - Magnetic Applicator
1 - 8 oz. Black Fingerprint Powder
1 - 1 oz. Black Magnetic Powder
50 - 2” x 2” White QuickLIFT Hinge Lifters
50 - 2” x 4” White QuickLIFT Hinge Lifters
200 - Adhesive Photo Scales
1 - Illuminated Magnifier
1 - Streamlight Stylus Pro Flashlight
1 - Equipment Case w/ Foam Insert