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Ninhydrin Premix Solutions

These Ninhydrin formulations are ideal for use on sensitive paper documents which include ink or thermal paper properties. The Ninhydrin Special Formula is ideal for documents such as bank checks. The Ninhydrin HFE-7100 provides the enhanced detail of the 3M Novec fluid. The Ninhydrin Thermal Paper premix contains HFE-7100/HFE71IPA and is intended for use with thermal papers such as cash register receipts, reducing the intense black over development found with traditional ninhydrin mixtures. Always wear a respirator and protective clothing.

The 32 oz. HFE mix is temporarily unavailable due to a shortage of the HFE-7100 solution.

WARNING: Exposure to chemicals should be avoided. Please take the necessary precautions by wearing a protective breathing apparatus, protective gloves, clothing, goggles, etc. EVIDENT, Inc. does not accept responsibility for the use or misuse of these, or any other products. All products intended for use by training experts only.