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Drying Cabinet Start-Up Kit

Evidence drying cabinets should be thoroughly cleaned after each use.  This disposable kit includes clothing hangars and a roll of paper to act as a floor liner inside the cabinets.  After cleaning, cabinet doors should be secured with the yellow plastic tags.  When in use with evidence, the cabinet doors should be secured with the individually serialized red plastic security tags.  Clothing hangers should be disposed of after each use.  Items packaged in a cardboard box.

10 - Plastic Hangers
6 - Plastic Hanger w/ Clips
10 - Red Plastic Security Tags
10 - Yellow Plastic Tags
1 - Paper Liner Roll
3 - Cleaning Sponges
1 - 32 oz. SaniZide Disinfectant
1 - Tyvek Labcoat
6 - Nitrile Gloves
1 - Face Mask w/ Eye Shield