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Ninhydrin 32 oz. Premix Solutions

Ninhydrin is still the most productive means of latent print development on porous items such as paper and unfinished wood. The traditional Methanol and Acetone based formulations are provided in addition to a Heptane based formulation to minimize the running of inks and dyes. Always wear a respirator and protective clothing. Provided as 32 oz. premix bottles.

NATO Stock Numbers:
Item #3605 - NSN 6810-01-579-8696
Item #3603 - NSN 6810-01-579-8708

WARNING: Exposure to chemicals should be avoided. Please take the necessary precautions by wearing a protective breathing apparatus, protective gloves, clothing, goggles, etc. EVIDENT, Inc. does not accept responsibility for the use or misuse of these, or any other products. All products intended for use by training experts only.