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R.A.M. Dye Stain - Rhodamine, Ardox, and M.B.D.

R.A.M. Dye Stain is a fluorescent stain mixture of Rhodamine 6G, Ardrox, and MBD. Use R.A.M. with a forensic light source after processing with cyanoacrylate. Particularly useful in the enhancement of cyanoacrylate developed prints on plastic bags. R.A.M. enhanced latent prints are visualized between 415nm and 530nm, making it ideal for use with a wide variety of forensic light sources. Provided as a 32 oz. premix bottle.

WARNING: Exposure to chemicals should be avoided. Please take the necessary precautions by wearing a protective breathing apparatus, protective gloves, clothing, goggles, etc. EVIDENT, Inc. does not accept responsibility for the use or misuse of these, or any other products. All products intended for use by training experts only.