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Mikrosil Forensic Silicone Casting Material

To reproduce the most subtle tool marks and impressions forensic experts rely on Mikrosil Silicone Casting Material. Proven in laboratory tests to be superior to other known flexible silicone casting techniques, by dramatically increasing the visibility of tool marks, firing pin impressions, and latent fingerprint lifts. Mikrosil increases the probability of positive identifications. Used extensively in the field and the laboratory, with remarkable results. Each set includes Mikrosil Silicone, hardener, mixing cards, instructions, and wooden mixing sticks. Available in brown, black, white, and gray. Not for use on living human skin. Brown Mikrosil is the ideal choice to reproduce tool marks. Black Mikrosil may be used to lift latent prints developed with gray, white, or fluorescent powders on uneven or textured surfaces. The contrast between the lighter colored powders and the black background makes the latent prints easy to see and easy to photograph. White Mikrosil is very useful for lifting latent prints developed with black powder on uneven or textured surfaces, or recovering friction ridge detail from deceased individuals. Gray Mikrosil may be used to recover latent fingerprints, tool marks, or postmortem ridge detail. The neutral tone of the gray silicone material facilitates photographic efforts.