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Retro Forensic Goggles - Orange

This heavy-duty plastic frame features a medium size fit for most users.  This goggle is for use over eyeglasses.  It also includes a prescription insert that may be fitted with lenses by an optician.  Includes a zippered carrying case.  Retro Forensic Goggles are available in seven colors: Orange, Red, Yellow, Clear UV, Orange Laser, Gray, and Amber.  The Gray and Amber lenses are intended for use during outdoor crime scene evidence collection.  All lenses CE Certified.

Retro Forensic Goggles - RedRetro Forensic Goggles - YellowRetro Forensic Goggles - Clear UVRetro Forensic Goggles - Orange LaserRetro Sunglasses - Gray
Retro Sunglasses - AmberZippered Case