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SINGLE-USE Forensic Entomology Collection Kit

This compact SINGLE-USE Forensic Entomology Collection Kit provides the basic equipment to collect and preserve entomological evidence at the crime scene or morgue. The disposable kit includes collection and packaging materials for the collection of maggots and other crawling insects present on or around a deceased and decomposing individual. All items contained in a cardboard box which may also be used to package any collected samples.

5 - Pair Nitrile Gloves
10 - Plastic Vials
10 - Biohazard Labels
10 - Plastic Spoons
1 - Ethyl Alcohol
1 - Ethyl Acetate
5 - Pipettes
5 - 6” White Paper Photo Scales
Entomology Labels
1 - 8 oz. Killing Jar w/ Cotton
1 - Scalpel
1 - 5” Camel Hair Brush