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Forensic Archaeology Kit

Forensic Archaeology is the systematic recovery of human remains and evidence at the forensic scene. This kit provides a variety of useful tools for use when recording and recovering a clandestine grave.

Trowels and Scoops
50’ Fiberglass Tape Measure and Pocket Rod
Magnetic Compass
Flag Tube w/ 50 Pink Flags & 50 Yellow Flags
Red, Yellow, and Blue Flagging Tape
Folding Photo Scale and 6” Scales
1-15 Photo Markers
Printed Paper Bags and Glassine Envelopes
Yellow Evidence Sealing Tape and Skull Boxes
Mechanical Pencils, Sharpie, and Ink Pen
Clipboard and Graph Paper
Work Gloves and Knee Pads
Sifter Bucket and Screen
Evidence Tags and Labels
Whisk Broom, Tongue Depressors, and Picks
Rock Pick and Rubber Mallet
Pruning Shears and Mag-Lite LED Flashlight
Plastic Tarp, Tent Pegs, and Wooden Stakes
String, Two Line Levels, and Plumb Bob
Body Bag and Thermometer
Nitrile Gloves and Safety Glasses
Two Plastic Field Cases