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Crime Scene Camera Deluxe Kit

The daily rigors of large crime scene units do not always allow for the careful handling of delicate equipment. The Crime Scene Camera Deluxe Kit is contained inside of a durable waterproof and crush-proof equipment case to provide protection for your components during high volume use. Each item is cradled within the included foam insert. The high resolution Nikon digital camera includes two lenses, a rechargeable battery, two memory cards, and five camera filters for documenting a variety of evidence. Use the Circular Polarizing Filter to reduce glare in outdoor photos. The Clear UV filter is perfect as a lens protector for normal shooting conditions. Combine this kit with the ORION-LITE 3-Piece Deluxe Light Kit for the ultimate in fingerprint and body fluid detection. The multiple photo scales and note pad allow for accurate documentation. Available with either a Yellow or Black case.

1 - Digital Camera SLR Body
1 - 18-55mm Standard Lens
1 - 40mm Macro Lens
1 - Red Filter
1 - Yellow Filter
1 - Orange Filter
1 - Clear UV Filter
1 - Circular Polarizing Filter
9 - AA Batteries
2 - Memory Cards
14 - Multi-Pack 6” Photo Scales
1 - Credit Card Size Scale
1 - Photomacrographic Scale
1 - 12” Ruler Scale Tape
1 - Ink Pen
1 - Retractable Sharpie
1 - 3” x 5” Notebook
1 - Pocket Rod
1 - Equipment Case w/ Foam Insert