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Basic Camera Deluxe Kit

The tremendous benefit that compact digital cameras can provide to an overall agency is evident in the mass of photographic documentation that even one member of a team can provide. Provide every member of a unit with this Basic Camera Deluxe Kit for documenting daily scenes such as vandalism, theft, or unlawful entry. The kit includes photo scales and memory cards for extended usage. The Basic Camera Deluxe Kit is contained inside of a durable waterproof and crushproof equipment case to provide protection for your components during high volume use. Available with either a Yellow or Black case.

1 - Basic Digital Camera
1 - Rechargeable Camera Battery
1 - Battery Charger
2 - Memory Cards
14 - Multi-Pack 6” Photo Scales
1 - Credit Card Size Scale
1 - 12” Ruler Scale Tape
1 - Ink Pen
1 - Equipment Case w/ Foam Insert